Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hope for Marriage in a sea of Divorce

Genuine friendship is key. How often does it cross our minds to divorce a treasured friend?  Rarely. In a friendship that we value, we disagree and agree to disagree. We rarely if ever ridicule our friends, but rather support and accept them just as they are. We usually choose our words carefully when delivering criticisms. We enjoy quality time with friends and actively participate to maintain the friendship. We usually bond in friendships over commonalities, such as childhood experiences, hobbies/leisure activities and career passions.  Marrying a person with whom there exists a genuine friendship, aside from the physical attraction and romantic emotions is key to reducing the likelihood of the union terminating in divorce.

by Charity Francis-Munson FNP

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Forgive Yourself

You've already apologized 100 times. You've kicked yourself 100 more times. It's been months since you made the mistake. you messed up big time. You feel really bad about hurting those you care about. You're beating yourself up daily. You now have a contrite heart.

The person or persons you hurt may never forgive you, You have no control over this.

It's time to forgive yourself. You can't undo the wrong you've done, nor the pain it caused. It's time to cease the self blame and redirect your energy into being a better friend, partner,spouse,parent,relative, fill-in-the-labels, a better you.

by Charity Francis-Munson FNP

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A love Letter for "you"

Today, you will write a love letter. You will tell a special someone how sweet and wonderful they are. You will tell them how unique and amazing they are. You will then sign this love letter, and email it out to "(insert your own name)".

by Charity Francis-Munson FNP

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You matter to someone

Ok, so you're having a rough patch. Write down 7 things "you" like about yourself. Now add 7 nice things said to you within the passed 7 months :) now ask your 2 best friends to list 7 reasons they like you. Now, count the # of times someone smiled at you within the passed 7 days. Take a deep breathe, let it out slowly........ "you" are special to others, you matter to someone :) hang in there.......

by Charity Francis-Munson FNP

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Being Happy is a Choice

Being "happy" is a choice. "you" deserve to be happy :) you are not the lesser of God's creations. If "she", "he", or "it" is impeding on your happiness; let today be the day you "do-sumtin-bout-it". I know, you don't wanna rock-da-boat" ; suffering in silence is what you do best. Today is the day, "speak up...", say, "NO MORE" and then.............clearly state "your terms" of continued engagement. :)

by Charity Francis-Munson FNP